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Why Stainless Steel is the Best Metal for Fire Safety


Stainless steel is one of the most reliable materials for fire prevention and safety, making it the optimal choice for a wide range of applications, from industrial manufacturing and construction to food processing facilities. Its superior strength, durability, and resistance to heat, corrosion, and chemicals make it a top choice for any environment where fire prevention is a priority. It stands out from other metals such as carbon steel, aluminium and galvanised steel thanks to its superior corrosion resistance and life-cycle cost savings.

Fire Resistance

An advantage offered by stainless steel is that it is non-flammable. This means that if a building were to catch on fire due to any other combustible material present in it, stainless steel would not contribute or spread flames further due to the fact that it cannot actually burn. Ultimately this makes it much safer than alternative options available.

Selecting stainless steel over other metals not only provides better protection against fires but also has very tangible economic benefits associated with it due to cost savings throughout its lifetime – something which Ibex Australia can help you with should you require assistance in your upcoming piping or fitting project where fire prevention is key. 

Ibex Australia carries a large range of stainless steel tube and fitting systems for specialist fire suppression applications. Our Tubepress system is a 316L stainless steel press-fit system that is FM approved and has a working pressure rating of 40 bar, making it ideal for intermediate water mist systems.

The Impress system is a 316L press-fit system that holds Activfire certification and has been extensively used for Pre-action systems. It is also a great option for foam suppression pipework.

VIS-LOK is a 316L stainless steel twin ferrule compression fitting system for high-pressure applications which has been utilised for gas suppression, water mist and valve controls.


The above systems and other systems available from Ibex Australia can be and have been used in pre-action, mist, gas and foam suppression, deluge and sprinkler systems and many other fire-fighting applications. They can also be used for indirect fire systems, including VESDA pipework, pneumatic control pipework and similar systems.

Contact us today for more information about how we can help bring your project up to code with regards to fire safety requirements.

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