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Heading image for Versatility and Quality Combined: The VIS-LOK® Seamless Tube Advantage

Versatility and Quality Combined: The VIS-LOK® Seamless Tube Advantage

VIS-LOK® seamless stainless steel instrumentation tube


In the world of critical applications such as petrochemical plants, oil and gas, power generation, food and beverage processing, and many more, precision and reliability are paramount. When it comes to selecting the right tubing for these industries, nothing beats the quality and performance of VIS-LOK® high-quality seamless stainless steel instrumentation tube from Ibex Australia. In this blog post, we will explore why VIS-LOK® seamless instrumentation tube is the ultimate choice for critical applications in Australia and beyond.

Precision and Quality Assurance

VIS-LOK® seamless instrumentation tube is renowned for its exceptional quality and precision. It is dual certified as 316/316L and complies with both ASTM A269 and ASME SA213 standards, making it suitable for the most demanding applications. This dual certification ensures that the tube meets the highest quality standards, assuring its users of top-notch performance and reliability.Our seamless tube is Manufactured in Japan, and is also bright annealed.

Corrosion Protection

One of the most significant challenges in critical applications is corrosion. VIS-LOK® seamless instrumentation tube contains a minimum of 2.5% molybdenum, providing enhanced corrosion protection. This feature is particularly vital in industries like oil and gas, where exposure to harsh environments is common. With VIS-LOK® tubing, you can trust that your systems will remain corrosion-free and maintain their integrity over time.

Versatile Sizing Options

Ibex understands the diverse needs of its customers, which is why our seamless instrumentation tube is available in both imperial and metric sizes. This versatility ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your specific application. Whether you’re working on a large-scale industrial project or a more precise application, Ibex has you covered with a comprehensive range of sizing options.

Certified and Reliable

Certification matters in critical applications, and Ibex delivers on this front as well. Our seamless tube is fully certified, full EN 10204 3.1 certifications are available, further cementing the tube’s reliability and quality. All tubing comes plugged, or capped ensuring tube is clean and protected from impurities.

Applications Across Industries

The versatility of VIS-LOK® seamless instrumentation tube extends to its applications. This high-quality tubing is suitable for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Oil and Gas: From drilling operations to transport, VIS-LOK tubing plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity of oil and gas systems.
  • Pharmaceutical: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, precision and cleanliness are crucial, and VIS-LOK® delivers on both fronts.
  • Petrochemical: Harsh chemicals and extreme conditions are par for the course in petrochemical plants, making corrosion-resistant tubing a necessity.
  • Food and Beverage Processing: Hygiene is paramount in food and beverage processing, and VIS-LOK® tubing meets the highest standards.
  • Industrial and Medical Gases: Ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of gases is critical, and VIS-LOK® tubing excels in this regard.
  • Water Treatment and Chemicals: Corrosion resistance and reliability are essential in water treatment and chemical processing facilities.
  • Mining and Resources: In rugged mining environments, VIS-LOK® tubing withstands the test of time and harsh conditions.
  • Automotive, Shipbuilding, and Aerospace: Precision and durability are vital in these industries, and VIS-LOK® tubing delivers on both fronts.
  • Process and Power Piping: In power generation and processing plants, the reliability of tubing is essential.
  • Heat Exchanger Applications: The efficiency and effectiveness of heat exchangers rely on high-quality tubing, such as VIS-LOK®.
  • Power and Cogeneration: Ensuring the reliable flow of fluids and gases is crucial in power generation, making VIS-LOK® tubing an excellent choice.
  • Industrial Machinery Manufacturing: Precision engineering demands precision tubing, and VIS-LOK® meets the challenge.


When it comes to critical applications across various industries, VIS-LOK® seamless instrumentation tube stands out as the ultimate choice. Its exceptional quality, corrosion resistance, versatile sizing options, and certifications make it a reliable and trusted solution for professionals in Australia.

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