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Heading image for SAACKE Australia’s Seamless Partnership with Ibex for Lithium Projects

SAACKE Australia’s Seamless Partnership with Ibex for Lithium Projects


SAACKE Australia has been involved in combustion technology for over 90 years and are considered world leaders in the field. Their products meet industrial and the highest ecological standards – and as specialist, they plan, develop, and produce burners and system solutions for industrial thermal processes.


SAACKE Australia were recently given the opportunity to create gas manifolds for use on a lithium project. Their goal was to source a local supplier of fittings that ensured they met the Australian standards and customer specifications. They required delivery within a tight time frame, and that the supplier ensured a quality product.

The VIS-LOK® products from Ibex Australia grabbed the attention of SAACKE Australia. VIS-LOK® would be perfect for use in gas manifolds, and SAACKE was also impressed with Ibex’s local supply and incredible customer support.

SAACKE used our VIS-LOK® Stainless Steel compression fittings, as well as our VIS-LOK® Seamless Stainless Steel Instrumentation Tube. Ibex Australia’s seamless tube is dual certified 316/316L, dual specified A269/A213, and is used extensively in many industries and applications, including lithium projects.

Solution & Results

VIS-LOK® Stainless Steel Compression Fittings offer an innovative design that allows for a quick and easy installation. They are suitable for a range of applications, including use in gas manifolds on lithium projects. VIS-LOK® requires no inspection gauge or markers and eliminate over and under tightening issues with the unique check-ring system.

Ibex Australia’s VIS-LOK® products met the requirements of the project. The VIS-LOK® Seamless Stainless-Steel tube arriving already annealed saved SAACKE time, making the project more efficient.


“Fabian and the team at Ibex have always gone out of their way to make sure we get prompt deliveries and product support.

The VIS-LOK® system gives us a visual indication of correct tube fitment and tightness, unlike the inspection gauge we have used in the past on other brands.

Pricing of VIS-LOK® fittings and seamless tube is very competitive and is an added bonus. I have no problem recommending this product to anyone considering a move away from the traditional suppliers”

– Peter Carlino, Workshop Manager at SAACKE Australia

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