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Time Savings in Using Press Fit

Press fit systems have almost completely taken over the traditional approach of creating plumbing and other industrial systems comprising of interconnected pipes. They are a convenient and cost-effective substitute for welding, brazing, soldering and threading. The cost of the labour involved in fabrication makes up to 60 per cent of the cost of a project. Press fit pipe systems provide a solid answer to the exhaustive amounts of labour involved in pipeline fabrication. It emerges as a huge influence that delivers significant savings on time and operational costs.

From plumbers to HVAC professionals, a wide variety of fabricators prefer the convenience of press fittings for connecting pipes. This is because quality standards of press fittings are managed by certification organisations. This makes the press fittings a secure and robust solution with widespread industrial applications. Whether it is water and gas, chemical, fuel, oil and grey water lines, tubing with press fit technology are well suited to be components of complex structures, pipelines and machines.

Time Savings Using Press Fittings

There are numerous benefits that are associated with choosing press fit. Time-saving is the most important one of them all. Their ‘fit and forget’ solution makes the pipeline fabrication efficient by more than 50 per cent in terms of the total time taken in project completion. They are specifically designed to help installers work across their jobs more effectively. They also add a degree of versatility to popularly used pipeline systems, especially plumbing. Here’s how they ramp up the pace of installation:

  • Simple battery tools needed for installation: There is no need for welding equipment for the installation of press fittings. The jointing of pipes can be completed in a matter of minutes, using press fittings. Pipes of dimensions between 15 to 22 mm can be connected in less than a minute. This process used to take close to 15 minutes with welding. Such drastic reductions in installation turnaround times have revolutionised the way pipeline fabricators and installers approach tube connections.
  • Easy assembly and checking before pressing: The need to alter pipelines due to errors in installation, structural damage and maintenance are unavoidable. This is where the brilliant design of press fits shines through - the installer can assemble complex pipework arrangements and check for a perfect fit before pressing. For maintenance works he can use slip couplings. This saves installers much time and effort required compared to traditional pipework where rewelding is required, particularly where “hot work permits” are a requirement. This can be a strategic advantage for you if you are a contractor who is working through tight schedules from your clients.
  • Ease of use in confined spaces: Press fittings are suitable for use in confined places and in compact pipeline structures. When spaces are limited there is always a risk of joints not being secure which would ultimately translate into damaged structures. Press fit offer the best jointing solution for jobs like this. The ease of use with which they integrate into pipelines saves installer’s time, besides the efforts that are otherwise required with brazing and welding.
  • Improvement site safety: Fabricators and installers can work to complete their project undertakings in dramatically short turnaround times. They can do this without being nervous about the effectiveness of their welds on pipelines. Press fits are confidence-inducing and this helps installers create an installation that improves the safety of the site that they are working in.
  • Substitutes for compression fittings: Every installer is familiar with compression fittings needing room to rotate. This can be quite challenging especially in situations where pipes are buried underground. Compression fits do not allow for this movement and the joints end up becoming weak. Push fittings have built-in 0 ring seals and they make great connections. This is an improvement over compression fits when it comes to saving installation time.

Press fittings are built specifically to speed up the installation process using a minimalistic approach to jointing. It not only saves time but also makes the entire installation process more secure and cost-effective. Combine this with their corrosion resistant and weatherproof nature they are beneficial to any project that is bound by time constraints.

Press fittings offer the convenience of use for installers without making any compromise in the quality of joints. The innovation has benefited customers across the world for the remarkable turnaround time that they can deliver.

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