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IBEX Australia 10th Year Anniversary

Saving time and money, quick and easy to use, with the ability to be fitted together and pressed later - these were some of the qualities of stainless steel press fit that caught the attention of Graham Way, Director of IBEX Australia. That was right before 2008, when IBEX Australia was established.

Graham started off as a plumber, with rapidly increasing success in his trade. In order to keep up with his growing family, Graham established his own business - an installation entity specialising in compressed air, specialty air piping solutions, and industrial piping.

As his business knowledge grew, so did his trade expertise, which led him to venture into the world of German manufactured press fit systems. There was increasing industry use of press fit technology which had been a major trend in Europe for many years. Graham had to be a part of this trend, and it became a game changer for his business. Naturally, expansion was necessary, leading to the establishing of IBEX Australia.

This video highlights the journey of IBEX Australia from its humble beginnings, to becoming Australia's preferred trusted supplier of industrial piping solutions.

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