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Case Study Perth Stadium: Building Momentum

Perth Stadium
Photo credit: Roderick Eime

Perth Stadium, also known by naming rights sponsorship as Optus Stadium, was awarded the title of the most beautiful sporting facility in the world at the 2019 UNESCO Prix Versailles architecture and design awards.

The distant cousin Melbourne, as a destination, continues to grow its global appeal by consistently securing international events. From the attendees of the Australian Open, down to the maintenance team of the Grand Prix, international visitors inject large sums of money into the state economy each year.

It is these kinds of global events that attract annual mass attendance that Perth needs, despite an impressive lineup of sports events such as the NRL State of Origin series, and Manchester United and Leeds United friendly match. As soon as the one-off events are done, it's back to the drawing board for our third largest stadium in Australia.

About the Stadium

Installing custom stainless steel down pipes with 3D off sets was always going to be challenge at the Burswood based stadium which opened in 2018. The stadium has a capacity of over 60,000 people, coming in after the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Stadium Australia.

Perth Stadium under construction in May 2016
Perth Stadium under construction in May 2016. Photo source: IBEX Australia

The field is 165 metres long and 130 metres wide, 5 metres longer than both the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Docklands Stadium in Melbourne. It is a multi-purpose facility able to hold not only sporting events such as AFL and major rugby league, rugby union, cricket and soccer games, but also major cultural events such as concerts. In other words, it is huge. This was surely going to bring up the question of supply capabilities from IBEX Australia.

Perth Stadium under construction in May 2016
Perth Stadium under construction in May 2016. Photo source: Wikipedia

Project Name and Location:

Perth Stadium (Optus Stadium), Burswood

Product Application:

Custom 316L stainless steel down pipes with 3D offsets and mounting lugs.

Customer Problem:

Required piping system for large scale downpipe application to meet official opening deadline in 2018.

IBEX Solution:

Provided quick to install intelligent piping solution (Custom 3D downpipes) that used press fit technology on site, providing significant labour cost savings.

Products used:

Impress® 316L High Quality Stainless Steel Press Fit System 108mm.

Customer requested custom 316L stainless steel down pipes with 3D offsets and mounting lugs, fabricated at Melbourne headquarters.

Perth Stadium details
Perth Stadium details

Prefabricated 316L custom downpipes installed upon delivery, eliminating need to fabricate on site.

Why Was IBEX a Solution?

Big supply

With warehousing facilities in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, and national representation, IBEX Australia ensures an adequate supply in stock to cater for big projects with urgent requests. This has been an ongoing attribute that IBEX Australia has over competitors in order to guarantee clients complete their project on time and on budget, especially for a project as large as Perth Stadium.

Custom Products

IBEX Australia offers a complete range of custom stainless steel piping solutions to suit applications in various industries. In this case, a large scale sporting venue. With over 20 years' industry experience, the specialised trades team can produce custom designs to specification, with ongoing discussions and revisions to suit.


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