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Case Study Chemical Dosing System Project, VIC

The Customer

Founded in 1999, Australian Fluid Handling (AFH) has evolved to become a major national supplier of Engineered Skid packaged equipment and distributor of internationally renowned pump and compressor systems and fuel management solutions. A member of the Sturrock and Robson group, AFH services industries including Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Refrigeration, Mineral Processing and Water Treatment.

AFH providers bespoke engineered solutions for oil & gas, industrial process & fuel management. Offering full scope from concept to completion through design, project management, assembly, testing & associated services backed by internationally renowned pump and compressor manufacturers.

Chemical Dosing System Project, VIC

IBEX Australia’s involvement

IBEX Australia are the leading suppliers of industrial pipe and fitting systems and are the first to offer twin ferrule tube compression fittings with a tightness indicator. The product line VIS-LOK has a unique perfect tightness indicator, providing a perfect connection every time.

The Project

The Project Engineering team engaged with IBEX Australia to provide VIS-LOK instrumentation compression fitting solutions in the most timely and efficient manner to successfully complete this project based in Western Australia.

Chemical Dosing System

Custom designed, manufactured, built and tested, the Chemical Dosing System by Australian Fluid Handling (AFH) provides Acciona’s “Waste To Energy” project in Western Australia the means to supply chemical solutions to the water-steam cycle.

The Chemical Dosing System package comprises ofthree individual skids on a single base frame; a pH neutralizer (Ammonium Solution) Storage and Dosing Skid, an Oxygen Scavenger Storage and Dosing Skid and a Corrosion Inhibitor Storage and Dosing Skid.

This package includes, but not limited to:

  • Six Seko double diaphragm dosing pumps in accordance to API 675 with 0.25kW motors
  • Three chemical storage tanks (2 x 1000L and 1 x 200L) Premium Hexathene PE 7032
  • Six pressure safety valves
  • Four pulsation dampeners
  • Four back pressure valves
  • Three level transmitters
  • Three calibration pots
  • Three differential pressure switches
  • Three tank agitators
  • A carbon filter
  • A PLC controller

The skid is 4.3m L x 2.4m W x 2.9m H complete with three individual retention bunds on a single base frame coated to client specified corrosion resistant coating.

The skid was designed and delivered to the highest standard with full factory acceptance testing in line with client’s full specifications and quality assurance requirements.

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Customer Testimonial

"IBEX Australia was wonderful throughout the project. They were very accommodating to our requests and very responsive with our enquiries. The customer was happy with the end result.”

Project Engineer, AFH

Key Summary


Acciona’s “Waste To Energy” project, WA.

Product Application:

Chemical Dosing System.

Customer Problem:

Requested stainless steel twin ferrule compression fittings and required consultation on stock ordering arrangements.

IBEX Solution:

Supplied VIS-LOK twin ferrule tube compression fittings and provided customised expertise for this specific order.

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