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Heading image for International Project Series: Lillie Square, London

International Project Series: Lillie Square, London

It’s no secret we supply our stainless-steel piping systems to high-profile clients around Australia. From the Robertson Barracks project for the Australian Defence Force (read case study) to the Darwin Correction Centre in Northern Territory, we have covered many industries during our 30 years in the game. But did you know our products are also used globally? Our most recent international customers range from Indonesia Fire Equipment Services to Fiji Waters in Tavua (read case study). This opens up an opportunity for us to turn our focus to international projects that apply our stainless steel piping systems in this new series of articles.

Part of the master plan

When the 127-year-old Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London was demolished, an enormous redevelopment opportunity was presented to this central area at the hub of the boroughs of Chelsea, Fulham and Kensington. A master plan was devised back in 2013 to turn this significant 87-acre site into a new urban centre comprising 8500 new dwellings, a vibrant high street and 7.5 acres of amenity spaces.

Phase one of this development, Lillie Square, has already been completed in recent years. West London’s architectural heritage heavily influences contemporary architecture. The complex is reminiscent of the old mansion blocks and townhouses of London but now built to much more exacting modern standards and with the finest materials.

Phase two of Lillie Square, Lillie Square East, introduces a broad range of luxury one, two and three-bedroom lateral homes and a collection of duplex apartments with private gardens.

The new residences will incorporate distinctive architectural features and elegant proportions across four low-rise mansion blocks overlooking the main garden square.

As part of the extensive advanced building services, the developers have helped create and grow value by applying high-quality materials, such as our 316L stainless-steel piping solution, Tubepress® (known as NiroSan® in Europe). Tubepress® provides a maximum 40-bar working pressure and helps distribute water throughout the Lillie Square facilities.

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