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Heading image for Cross River Rail Project Improves Safety with Express

Cross River Rail Project Improves Safety with Express


South East Queensland is one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia, with an ever-increasing population that puts tremendous pressure on its transport network. The current rail system is already reaching its limit and has a single river crossing to contend with, along with only four inner-city stations – all of which contribute to a bottleneck that constricts the number of services that can enter the city centre.

To meet the increased demand for rail services and to improve access across the region, there are a number of large-scale projects being proposed. The Cross River Rail project is one of the most ambitious, proposing to build an additional railway crossing over the Brisbane River and linking two new underground stations –  one at Boggo Road and the other at Woolloongabba.


This $5.4 billion project will create a new 10.2km rail line from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, including 5.9km of twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and CBD. It will deliver four new underground stations at Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street and Roma Street, and upgrades to Dutton Park, Fairfield and Bowen Hills stations. Construction is now underway.

Endfire Engineering (EndFire) was appointed to install all the fire suppression and detection requirements for the Woolloongabba Station. This included multi-compartment fire suppression, smoke control systems and fire detection systems within the station’s underground concourse area and on its platforms.

EndFire was looking for a reliable and efficient system that would integrate seamlessly with the VESDA air sampling system.


EndFire partnered with Ibex Australia to find the ideal solution. After extensive research and technical advice from the Ibex Team, they chose Express 304L Stainless Steel Piping System. The Express system is lightweight yet incredibly strong and durable, making it perfect for this application. It is constructed from high-grade stainless steel tubing to ensure corrosion resistance and longevity.


VESDA System is an air sampling system that provides early warning for the presence of potentially hazardous flammable gases and vapours. The system works by drawing air into the Express 304L stainless steel piping system and passing it through two stages of filters to remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants. The sample is then passed through a laser chamber to detect the presence of particles in the air. When particles are detected, an alarm is triggered, and appropriate action can be taken. By selecting Express, the EndFire team were able to create a system that would not only be compatible with the VESDA system but would also offer a faster, safer and cleaner installation.


The Express piping system has enabled Endfire to meet and exceed challenges on the Project. With the support from Ibex, we have reviewed a traditional VESDA installation and provided a safe alternative solution to meet the strict program, environment and design life requirements. In addition to the supply contracts, Ibex has been able to actively support Endfire with engineering, logistical, tooling and training demands, all of which have been invaluable and ensuring the Project is a success.

Ethan Krinks, Endfire Fire Project Manger, Cross River Rail
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