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Heading image for Case Study: Helping Atlas CEA Keep Up With Growing Demand

Case Study: Helping Atlas CEA Keep Up With Growing Demand



Atlas CEA has been a leading distributor of world-renowned capital equipment brands for almost 40 years. During this time, they have built an impressive knowledge base that allows them to offer bespoke solutions tailored specifically to their customers’ needs. They service many industries with a diverse range of equipment, including construction, agriculture, government, defence, waste management, mining and civil works.


Atlas CEA has been operating in Queensland for over 30 years, and in that time, the company has established a strong reputation for quality products and services. In recent years, demand for Atlas CEA’s products and services has grown significantly in Queensland, particularly in the mining and construction industries. As a result, the company has seen a need for additional workshop capacity in the state.

To meet this demand, Atlas CEA recently commissioned the development of their workshop in Darra, Queensland. GO Industrial was awarded the contract to supply and install compressed air and lubrication tubing for this large industrial facility.

GO Industrial had to supply and install all items on time and under budget. There were also the added challenges of the majority of the installation being at height, with various interactions with other services and crossovers (e.g. crane busbars, power cables, fire services), which would have made pre-fabrication or other installation methods difficult.


Ibex Australia has worked on multiple projects with a number of the GO Industrial team, which gave them full confidence in Ibex Australia’s products and services. The Ibex Australia team supplied close to 2kms of Impress® for the various lubrication lines that travel from the lube pumps to the hose stations and close to 400m of Blutube® for the compressed air.


The GO Industrial team used Impress® 316L stainless steel press fit system and Blutube® compressed air pipe system to reduce costs and labour significantly, helping them deliver the Atlas CEA Darra workshop on time and within budget.

Customer Testimonial

“As a part of my growth into the Senior Business Development role at GO Industrial, I was onsite for the installation of both the lubrication and air main ring for the Atlas CEA Workshop in Darra. The project spanned roughly 3 months of onsite work in two stages. Ibex was invaluable as a partner on this project, providing additional technical information when required as well as next-day delivery of parts from interstate when our large volume orders couldn’t be fulfilled from within the state. The speed at which both systems can be installed was instrumental in the fulfilment of this project within our given timeline. Without the support from the Ibex team, we would not have been able to deliver an outstanding facility in the relatively short timeframe we had to install nearly 2kms of Impress tubing and nearly 400m of Blutube. I would highly recommend both the products and the team from Ibex to support any project.”

Phil Walsh, Senior Business Development – GO Industrial
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