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Heading image for Blutube®: The Ultimate Choice for Compressed Air Piping Systems

Blutube®: The Ultimate Choice for Compressed Air Piping Systems

Blutube® is the Ultimate Choice


Blutube® stands out as the ultimate choice for compressed air piping systems. This superior system combines the strengths of PE100 polyethylene with three different connection methods, offering unsurpassed ease of installation. Blutube® is the ultimate choice for all Australian industries; from its economical purchase and quick installation to its longevity with no maintenance required, Blutube® offers unparalleled reliability and efficiency. With its corrosion-free design and high-quality componentry, Blutube® ensures safety, energy savings, and uninterrupted productivity.

Cost-Effectiveness and Quick Installation

Blutube® offers an economical purchase, providing long-term cost savings. Its quick and hassle-free installation process minimises labour costs and reduces downtime. With its three different connection methods, including Socket Fusion, Electro Fusion, and Compression fittings, Blutube® provides engineers and designers maximum flexibility and convenience. This system allows for easy alterations and modifications with minimal shutdown time, meeting the demands of today’s fast-paced industries.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Blutube® is designed for longevity and requires no maintenance. Its PE100 polyethylene construction ensures strength and durability, with a minimum 50-year design life. Unlike traditional galvanized iron air pipes that corrode over time, Blutube® remains corrosion-free, preserving air quality and flow rates. With its ultra-smooth bore, there is no rust or scale build-up, reducing friction and energy losses. The system’s thermally stable properties allow for continuous operation within a wide temperature range (-20°C to +60°C), with short-term rises up to 95°C. Blutube® is impact-resistant and suitable for underground applications, making it a reliable choice for various environments.

Safety and Compliance

Blutube® prioritizes safety and compliance. With an integral Safety Factor of 2:1 and adherence to Australia Standards AS4130, the system ensures high integrity and can withstand compressed air pressures up to 16 bar and fluids up to 25 bar. Blutube® is approved for food plants, complying with AS2070.1 for plastic materials used in food contact. The system does not support bacterial growth or microorganisms, providing a hygienic solution. Its extensive chemical resistance and compatibility make it suitable for corrosive environments. Blutube® offers various fitting ranges, including Compression Fittings, Socket Fusion, and Electro Fusion, providing engineers and designers with maximum flexibility for specific applications.


Blutube® is the ultimate choice for compressed air piping systems in Australia. With its superior design flexibility, quick installation, durability, and low maintenance requirements, Blutube® offers unparalleled benefits for all industries. The system ensures cost-effectiveness, energy savings, and uninterrupted productivity. Its corrosion-free construction, high-quality componentry, and compliance with safety and hygiene standards provide peace of mind. Experience the advantages of Blutube® for your next compressed air project. Contact our friendly staff at Ibex Australia today for a quote today, and discover why Blutube® is the ultimate solution for all your compressed air piping needs.

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